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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  March 19, 2013 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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>> more than 50 dead as multiple car bombs explode around baghdad. the attacks are happening on the 10th anniversary of the u.s.-led invasion of iraq. hello and welcome. you are watching al jazeera live from our headquarters. it is good to have you here. our other news -- receiving the adoration of the catholic faithful, pope francis with an inaugural mass in the vatican. serious opposition intellect a western educated technocrat as
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its prime minister is in exile. after a series of car bomb blasts in iraq, media reports say x month local elections have two provinces in for at least six months. more than 50 people have been killed and 200 have been injured. the attacks coincide with the 10th anniversary of the us-led invasion of iraq. more than one dozen bombs have gone off, many during the morning rush hour. there are bombings at the best of times in other parts of iraqi, but this seems to send a message on the anniversary of the start of the war 10 years ago, the bombing of baghdad started.
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this morning as people were going to work, the bombings around them, one outside the green zone near the defense ministry. many in more ordinary neighborhoods. thereouth of baghdad, were several explosions, most of them geared at shia neighborhoods, marketplaces, army targets and police. as you can see around me here at the university, life has gone on. over the past 10 years despite the violence. this campus is full of students, some of whom are celebrating their graduation from the law college. when you talk to them, these young people, they say they fear an uncertain future, but they believe they can actually make it better. outside these campus walls, it is a little bit more grim. a lot of people feel that over the past 10 years almost nothing has been a cop list. but here there is still the hope that they can actually go out and do things and change
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things and make a better a rack. an iraqir we spoke to foreign minister and he said that iraqi politicians are responsible for failing iraqi citizens. >> unfortunately, recently the number of attacks has increased. a few days ago the terrorists stormed the justice ministry in downtown baghdad. car bombingsthese that indicates one thing. political differences and discourse among iraqi politicians and leaders have contributed a great deal to this lack of security. and the weaknesses also of the security regime that is in place to allow all this infiltration, and really those people should be held accountable for this lack of vigilance, lack of seriousness
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to protect the people. whenever you have political differences and an inability to resolve them, you will see an escalation in the attacks or the duration in the security situation. this has been a cardinal rule in the new iraqi. i think a rack was not responsible for -- i think iraq was not responsible for the failure. we have to blame more ourselves for being unable to do a better job. >> opposition fighters in syria are denying using chemical weapons. for the first time, syrian state media is accusing rebels of firing rockets and training unspecified chemical substances. the syrian regime says 15 people have been killed near aleppo. state forces appear to be
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focusing their attacks on contested urban areas in the capital. activists say amateur pictures show tanks in this town southwest of damascus. rebels briefly took control last year, but it has since come under intense shelling by the military. other internet pictures reportedly showed damage after the government's artillery shells in an area of the bacchus province -- of damascus province. 's opposition has elected a new interim prime minister who it hopes will unify the area. ghassan hitto's first task will be to form a cabinet. who is he? used is 50 years old and to be an it manager. he is american educated and has u.s. citizenship. he moved to turkey to coordinate opposition aid.
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>> syria's new prime minister, as far as the opposition in exile as well as their international supporters are concerned. ghassan hitto's first priority, forming a cabinet. based inside syria, the interim government will need to establish legitimacy with people living in the 60% of the country estimated to be under assad forces.ti- >> tomorrow there will be a speech, and you will hear in introduction of the highlights .f the plan for the near future >> from the general who represents the majority of the armed groups fighting the assad regime, there is a promise of loyalty. >> we in the syrian army look to the government as a political umbrella for us, and we can ask the government to support us
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with everything what we need in our fight against the regime in damascus. >> but they cannot speak for the small armed islamist groups, and that is what worries foreign donors. >> there is a hope amongst delegates here that having most armed fighters under the umbrella of the new interim government will persuade the u.s. and european countries to supply weapons to nt-asset fighters. they have been reluctant so far, fearing that the arms will fall into the hands of religious extremists. some european countries are worried about starting an arms race, but then iran and russia are already supplying assad's forces. a member ofe now is the syrian national council. we are waiting for a statement , butmr. hitto himself
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before that i want to ask you -- he is an interesting choice, and it specialist. he will lead a cabinet. how do you want the cabinet to work? what is the main character you are looking for in forming this new government? >> i believe that mr. ghassan hitto's choice is good because number one he is known as well- educated, has managerial and leadership skills. and loyal a clean person to syria, and he is a technocrat. he does not belong to the best of my knowledge to any political party. he is the compromise, the consensus of of the opposition. we hope that this government will be the executive arm of the coalition. it is the parliament, so to speak, which gave an authorization to this government. the government will have a monumental task of taking care
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of the millions of syrians in liberated areas, as well as matters of foreign affairs, defense, and all these things together. it will report to the coalition who gave this government the authorization, and who is the only body right now that can overlook the work of the government. >> we talk about his tasks, but one of the most important and challenging is trying to bring together what is happening on the ground because different against onehting enemy, but not necessarily united. how much of a challenge is i going to be, especially as a man who has no military background? >> he does not have military background himself, but he has aids and people like the general and others who have extensive military background. it is a challenge, as you said, to vilify -- to unify all these
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forces together under one leadership. it will be political and military. so it is something that needs to theone, and hopefully community will give us the recognition, in this case, that this government will be the sole and legitimate government of the syrian people. acts independently will not be recognized. >> we are waiting for a statement from hitto himself. for the moment we will move on to other news. thank you very much. pope francis has been inaugurated in the vatican. ] rgan plays -- he hasun the 266 th head of the
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roman catholic church. he called for the support of , including the poor and the elderly. paul brennan is in rome. it has been a spectacular morning there, much to see, much to be heard. recap what you have seen so far. >> much to digest as well. it was going to be a momentous occasion, the inauguration of a new pope, just five years, the first since 2005. but in church terms that is relatively a quick succession. what we have is a huge crowd, a huge congregation, more than 130 countries represented in st. peter's. a very interesting homily from the pope are in the homily is the part of the mass where he can deliver his own text. it is not bound by the liturgy. he can speak with his own words about things that he cares
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about, and he chose to speak about principles, responsibility, tenderness, creation. what we took away from that was he was speaking about the protection of the environment. he said when men fail in this responsibility, that leads to destruction and hearts become hard. it is not just concern us as in the catholics, it concerns everybody. the protection of the whole of creation, the beauty of creation, it he hearkened back to st. francis of assisi. he said for all those who have responsibility, and we take that to mean the kings and the sovereigns and the heads of state assembled in front of him here at st. peter's, then it is important that they are the protectors of creation. joining me to discuss some of those teams is a former italian senator. you followed -- we followed together this mass very closely.
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looking at those themes, what do you think the pope was trying to say? his message was quite explicit. >> it was his number one policy issue number environment, which was very striking. because he chose to say so repeatedly. then the taking care. arertheme was joseph, the of his time. it was also a very conciliatory approach. he said this applies beyond christianity. that was very inclusive for all religious leaders from other faiths who were the gathered there. it was a very interesting premise to his papacy. isat the moment the pope
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inside st. peter's, receiving dignitaries from around the world. and thetical leaders sovereigns from around the world. he will meet with interfaith leaders, including leaders of the muslim and jewish community. this is a pope who is immediately reaching out to all faiths, isn't he? >> yes, immediately, as well as the orthodox community who are present at the maximum level. these are very embracing premises for the papacy. when he began his homily, nobody slept great but at a certain point they did not -- at a certain point -- nobody claps. but at a certain point they did. when he said tenderness, goodness, let's not be afraid of that.
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at the second point, he talked about power. that applies to the pope. he got around of applause. they are not necessarily opposites. thank you very much indeed. as i say, the ceremonial's are continuing, but at some point they will finish and is pope will have to get to grips with the very real issues challenging the roman catholic church in today's world. that will be for tomorrow. for the time being, back to you in this studio. >> thanks for that. that was paul brennan watching the proceedings down in the crowd. our correspondent hoda abdel- hamid was there in st. peter's square. what was the reaction? enthusiasm. people cannot get enough of this pope because very few people have actually left. they know he is inside the basilica, meeting with foreign
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dignitaries. they are watching this on these giant screens all over the square. the one next to a shut down a moment ago and everyone was disappointed around me. people were very happy because they said that they liked what he talked about, detection of the children, of the poor, protection of the elderly, protection of the environment. that leaves a lot of the youth are were here on the square thinking it was quite different from what he said earlier in the week with his first appearances. he talked about mercy and pardon. people are saying it shows all the values that matter most to him. and a lot of enthusiasm. the crowd is really an international crowd, and someone that onlyaying football can unite the people. now pope francis seems to be able to unite the people because you have all sorts of flags on this -- the syrian flag, lebanese flag, the pakistani flag. the overwhelming majority of
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flags are argentinian. but it shows you the global outreach of this man. in a few days he managed really to show his flock, i would say, what kind of man he is going to be. what kind of leader he is going to be. it is boding very, very well. >> that is right, hoda. it seems regardless of nationality and faith, people around the world are mesmerized by this pope. thank you very much. in pakistan, a suspect has been arrested for the murder of the u.s. journalist daniel pearl. he belongs to a banned organization, and was arrested in karachi. daniel pearl was killed 11 years ago while researching a story about militancy. one of africa's most wanted war crimes suspects has surrendered. walkedgolese warlord
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into the u.s. embassy in rwanda and asked to be taken to the international criminal court. prosecutors want him to stand trial for war crimes in the democratic republic of congo. the americans and were wondering's are certainly under da obligation to send ntagan straight to the hague. we know from the icc themselves that they cannot wait to get ganda.hand on mynta him of the crimes he was accused the firstern congo -- perk it -- the first person to be convicted at the icc last year, how guilty and jailed for 14 years. i think the icc believes they have a strong case against bosco
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.nd uganda -- bosco ntaganda it is questionable why he turned himself in knowing that he would have to face trial. the group which he helped lead and helped form, and 23, has m23 hassintegrating -- m, been disintegrating. some of his men were killed at the hands of rwandans now and had to give up arms. he faced a choice, either being arrested and possibly killed by members of his former group, m 23, or arrested by the congolese, or handing him obvver himself to the u.s. embassy. >> the ireland central bank
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says even if politicians agree to a tax, it is not agreeing to international bailouts. people rushed to take out their money over the weekend. the european union and the international monetary fund. >> the feeling is that the house is going to reject the bill. >> why is that? because they fear cyprus, a clash. >> how will you treat this information? what will you do with it? >> we have our own plans. >> in japan, a power cut is hitting systems that keep nuclear fuel cool at the fukushima our station. the earthquake and the tsunami to show years ago -- two years ago destroyed the part of the station.
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the operator assists there is no danger. >> we believe there is plenty of time before the temperatures in the polls exceed what we believe is a danger level of 65 degrees. before that happens, we will do our best to restore power. globalfootage shot by witness seems to be showing activity leading to corrupt land deals. >> this is the malaysian state, fast and a rich and resources, home to many indigenous groups. but it's future hangs in the balance, under threat from certain businessmen and politicians. >> they are the one that issued it, the project being directed by -- >> you think he will agree to it? >> yes.
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>> this footage was shot secretly by an investigator from global witness posing as an investor. the women in the video are cousins of optima mood -- of abdul mahmoud. in 2011, he gave his cousins 5000 hectares of land, for a nominal sum of $300,000. having secured agriculture and timber licenses, they were trying to sell it a year later for more than $16 million. we visited an indigenous community in the area. they were shocked to find out what was going on. >> we will fight on at all costs. we let them take timber in the past, but we had no idea they were planning to take our land. >> indigenous people have special rights over the much of the land. but there is scant regard for those rights. here since another piece of the land.
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value hectares, estimated of $76 million. a kickback likely worth millions of dollars in return for issuing a consensus over the land. land that many indigenous people regard as theirs. >> we know it is the minister who gives out licenses to companies. he lives, the rest of us suffer. we have no land to farm. our rivers have become muddy area >> in the last 30 years, it has become one of the largest exporters of tropical timber. he has had the good fortune of ruling one of the richest states in malaysia, but that wealth has not been felt or seen by many of the people who live here, some of whom remain the poorest in the country. a request for an interview was declined. they have declined to comment on the case. the critics say that is testimony to the power he wields, a power that many
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believe comes at their expense. >> a court in india has charged six men with gang raping a swiss tourists. they are accused of sexually assaulting the 39 --year-old woman, tying up her husband, and robbing the couple. the age of consent for success has been raised back from 16 years old to 18. an anti-rate bill has been presented to the house a parliament later. demonstrations prompted by the brutal gang rape and death of the 23-year-old woman. disabled people in afghanistan rarely have had a voice. their rights were recognized by law for the first time recently. now one athlete wants to show off that people with disabilities can make a difference. jennifer glass has more from kabul.
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>> this is the place where ali -- tocomes to green dream. he was born without arms, and here in the swimming pool he says he feels free. >> afore i started swimming, i felt very hopeless. now that i am a swimmer, i feel much better about myself. >> his coach says he has really promise that he has real promise. he may go to the paralympics in brazil in 2016. he plans to swim the backstroke and hopes to bring a old metal. he said in the water six months ago he was terrified. now he hopes his paralympic dreams will be a inspiration for disabled people all over afghanistan. >> physical therapists started working with him and his mother a year ago. he was born with brain damage. she sees big rugrats. he can now open his hand and sit
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upright in a special chair. .- she sings -- cc big progress he can now open his hand and sit upright in a special chair. officials from disability charity serve say afghanistan has 800,000 disabled people, and only a small fraction have access to support. but that is still an improvement. hide theirhe people person with disability because the people consider it a sin for the family. because the family did something and it is the result of the sin from god. >> one side of progress is this community program for those with mental, visual, and hearing impairments. only in a mainstream school, he is at the top of his class with the help of teachers. >> i tell myself that if i help
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these people, study, they will improve in the future, and they can live their life with their family and a future. they will help in our country. >> not all these children will be able to attend a mainstream school, but all are learning skills to make them more self- sufficient. families are continuing with their development
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